Monthly Archives: March 2014

My commute journey

commute_journeyAt least three days a week I’ve a 75 minute commute to work. Fortunately I can use it for achieving several objectives of the day. Without that commuting need, I would not do accomplish those objectives.

I start with bicycling about 15 minutes to the train station. It gives me fresh air, exercise and frees my head from all thoughts as I’ve to pay close attention to traffic.

The 45 minute train ride is used to either read the paid newspaper I received early morning at the mailbox or to perform exercises from my German course. No work related activity.

After a 5 minute walk I wait and catch a bus for a final 10 minute ride. I profit this time to read the RSS feeds I follow like HBR or Harold Jarche on management and Pythian on Oracle databases. I consider this time as learning time related to work, while at the train is learning time not work related.

The way back home I redo the same. It allows me to free myself from labor related tasks and arrive home mind free from any work related issue.

This is possible as I don’t own a car and public transport in Switzerland is reliable and comfortable..