Daily Archives: March 5, 2007

Passport, my friend

(written on 16th February 2007, hexapla)

Dear old passport, you will never disappear from my mind. Today I had to give you back for your final destination, when asking for a replacement. Your expiration date was close and I needed to do it. I tried to keep you my old passport, I really did. I tried to pretend I had lost you so you could spend the rest of your days intact and together with me and your replacement. You are special, my old password, you will always be. During 10 years you made me born in 1972, during this 10 years you gave me entry to several countries that I keep wonderful memories. You traveled thousands and thousands of kilometers, you went two times to the other side of the world (Hawaii and Australia), we traveled together to countries like Israel, South Korea, Mozambique, Brazil, Algeria, Gambia and many others. It was missing only the Artic to you (and me).

Dear old passport, rest well, teared apart, wherever all your pieces will go.

3-d olfact sense 1

The other day at the cinema someone was farting. Normal stuff, I also fart quite often. They were not very strong in terms of smell and I was trying to figure out where they were coming from. Then I start thinking if we have a 3 dimensional sense of smell. Can we say which smell is on our right, left, front, back?

Music: Colorado Experimental Radio