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Bike commuter

Doing my daily bike commuting I believe I contribute more for the climate, environment and all related stuff than anyone else paying CO2 taxes when traveling by plane or being part of an association and driving the car everyday.

Traffic differences – Portugal and Switzerland

This post is those kind of stupid posts where one compares the beauty and the beast.

Friday morning it was raining like hell, I was by car in the morning doing Nyon-CERN, taking one of the main entry points of Geneva.

At the beginning of the week I read that in Portugal on Monday there were 15 dead in car accidents, the double of the average, because of the rain.

I was thinking, on the car going 100km/h, better to go a bit slow but arrive faster. Everyone was thinking the same way. The traffic was exactly the same any other day, almost stopping at Coppet, but rolling in good cadence. Maybe even better than the normal as the bigger distance between cars led to less breaking.


In Portugal when you are about to arrive to a roundabout, in a case where there is the minimum signalization you have: 200m away – info about directions, danger, max 50; 100m away – loss of priority in 100m, max 30; on the spot – loss of priority, roundabout, mandatory go right.

In Switzerland the usual signalization for a roundabout is: 200m away – info about directions; on the spot – loss of priority, roundabout. The rest is on responsability of the driver. No ‘danger’ sign, no max speeds, no superfluous stuff.
In Nyon in one roundabout, 50m before they even have a sign: end of max 60 (meaning now max is 80)! When you pass that sign everyone goes at 30km/h or you might crash to the roundabout.

Voyage au Portugal

Ends up in the usual cold because of the freezing houses (+10 outside means +10 inside) but included two sea baths and walk in t-shirt and shorts.

Also have a terrible visions of daily car accidents, constant speeding and parking without any consideration for the pedestrians and security.

This time I had the opportunity to discover hidden beauties of Porto and Monserraz. My university friends and other friends touch my heart and I did not want to leave.

Coimbra had changed a lot, people and the city. The trip included also Évora, train to Régua, quick pass in Sintra and Ericeira.

Christmas I see what’s new.

Reasons not to like Switzerland I

“Sur les neuf premiers mois de l’année, la Suisse a exporté près d’un quart de plus de matériel de guerre que durant la même période en 2006. Jusqu’à fin septembre, les entreprises ont écoulé pour 335,68 millions de francs de matériel.” (

Living in society

In a hurry I arrived to the train without wallet. Just after the moment of the ‘sorry, I forgot everything at home’ the guy next to me ‘I’ll pay his ticket’. Every single person has his good side. Wait a bit and you will see it. (His good side was the left)


J’ai senti une énorme humiliation l’autre jour quand, dans une montée en vélo, je suis dépassé par une femme habillé en tailleur. On devrai interdire les vélos électriques.

Scatered feelings

Picasa, Flickr, other? I decided other to keep my pictures and videos as well as a backup area for my stuff. However my hosting provider does not give me more than 2GB of space, not enough for the, maybe, 10GB of images I’ve. I would like to be hosted by but they do not accept domains like mine. tan pis.

Before posting this i found out Quite nice to see others pictures. Voyeurisme?

Wanderlust #3 – Japan

Fifteen days, 30 liters backpack, challenge ‘nomad’ third chapter. The other two were 20 days in Brazil and 9 days in Malaysia (and Singapore). More and more in my head it says that one should buy the essential in the host country and I was not yet capable. But one day I’ll do it.

Leaving Monday with hand-luggage only I’ll spend few days in Tokyo and then move North, stay in temple, go to some mountains and visit Hokkaido. We have a meeting with Yushi in Tokyo, on Wednesday. Another person also in Sapporo, Hokkaido. For sure we will not feel alone.

Rhino, Bistr’ok et Cave12 – fin d’une genération 1

Lundi après midi la police a, avec la force, évacué les bâtiments du Rhino. Mis un point final dans a lieu unique de mode de vie propre et sain. Mis un point final sur deux local de répétition, un bar que servait repas bon marché aux étudiants, un bar que montré à tous la musique expérimental et nouvelle. Mis 75 personnes dans la rue à chercher toit.

Genève est, dés Lundi, une ville beaucoup plus pauvre. Laissé aux capitalistes polluants et sans coeur. Ni esprit artistique, ni ouverture à d’autres formes de vivre dans la société carré qu’eux mêmes ont créé.

Hier je ne suis pas allé travaillé. J’avais pas envie. La ville/état m’a enlevé mes lieux favorites pour dépenser l’argent en soutenant une culture alternative. J’ai pas, maintenant, besoin de l’argent du travail.

Rhino, Bistr’ok et Cave12, vous restez en moi.