Daily Archives: January 27, 2009

Flying bike

Last Friday there was a storm crossing Geneva, poor me completely wet on my ride to work and back. The good part was during the return, the wind gusts were making me to fly. Uphill without any effort and flat was like having an electrical bicycle…

Be citizen again – hard work

Now that I need to become a citizen again, leaving the cern paradise, I find again the bureaucracies in Portugal. And how they try to improve the system by having several web pages with lots of information, talking about lots of laws and using their jargon, but not helping much when you want a simple thing.

Then I find the portuguese systems in general with so many complications that I understand how time is lost trying to find which case suits you.

Again I understand why I got married and divorced in another country and my own country never got to know it.

In Portugal now there is a identity card (or citizen card, as they call it) which comprises many numbers in one. Basically there are four different numbers in the card. One for identity, other for fiscal reasons, other for heath system and last one for social security. I wonder if I’ll have them all, because I never paid social security neither I will start this year in a voluntary basis. Hope this does not crash their system. Anyway, soon I will try to make this new citizen card and first task is to find the least queue possible.

In the all-in-one shop (called citizen shop) in Lisbon there was 4 hours average wait time for doing the card. Well, not for doing, for requesting, because then it will be ready in couple weeks. And forget about the ‘urgent’ mode, even paying more. It does not exist yet.

But my last few days were passed in a good part of the free time on looking how to become citizen and if/how I can get social security number. One phone call, fill the form on the web page, link X. Filled and next day an email:

O (A) benef (a) não consta inscrito(a),
Conforme terminação do NISS da Entidade Empregadora
0 , 1, 2 , 3 – fax 21 842 42 73
ana.afonso.teixeira@seg-social.pt ou
lia.p.carvalho@seg-social.pt ou

4 , 5 , 6 – fax 21 846 04 81 – OU por email para
m.clara.cunha@seg-social.pt ou

7 , 8 ,9 – fax 21 842 42 10
m.lourdes.povoa@seg-social.pt ou
m.joaquina.marques@seg-social.pt ou

Deverá enviar a seguinte documentação;
Sendo de Nacionalidade Portuguesa ou da União Europeia
-Boletim de Admissão (mod Rv-1005/2008),
-Cartão de Contribuinte e Bilhete de Identidade ( em tamanho AMPLIADO e LEGÍVEL)
Para Estrangeiros
-Boletim de admissão (mod Rv-1005/2008),
-Boletim de trabalhador estrangeiro (mod Rv-1006/2008)
-Cartão de Contribuinte ( em tamanho AMPLIADO e LEGÍVEL)
-Passaporte com visto ou Titulo de Residência( em tamanho AMPLIADO e LEGÍVEL )
Na falta do visto, deverá enviar o contrato de trabalho assinado pelas partes e devidamente autenticado com fotocópia de BI do legal representante da firma .

Clara Cunha
Centro Distrital de Lisboa -Areeiro
Identificação e Enquadramento de Pessoas Singulares II
Terminação 4 – 5 – 6 ( NISS da Entidade Empregadora )

This is the copy/paste of the answer. Even if you dont know portuguese you can understand the difficulty on understanding. Where to find the mod RV-1005/2008? No idea. Maybe I should ask this lady of the “termination 4-5-6 (social security of the employing entity)” as she kindly signs. Maybe she is playing to much the lottery.