Daily Archives: February 15, 2009

30, et après?

Today is my 30th anniversary and I cannot complaint at all. Even if I don’t have a car, no television, my computer is seven years old, no nespresso machine; even if I had to do my laundry today, clean the house because I don’t have a cleaning person, I’m extremely happy of my life until now.

I’ve lived in three countries, visited 30 other, I’ve followed most of my dreams and yes, realized them. From living away from Portugal, to teach aerobics, dreams come true. Is just a matter of effort.

At 30, in my mind, I’m about to start the third chapter of my life, the world trip with Eva. Leaving everything behind after, mostly likely, had arrived to the top of the pyramid on well being and wealth. It has been an excellent exercise so far and I recommend.

The other two parts of my life were – first – before I left Portugal, up to 2001. Some sub parts there – first kiss, first girlfriend, university and move to my grand-mother house in Coimbra. Then – second part – I went to CERN, Geneva, as summerstudent in 2001. This was the discovery that better and different worlds existed. Meeting 150 persons at once from different nationalities. Were three short months but changed my way of being. The second part continued one year after when I moved to Northern Finland, Oulu, first to finish my studies but ended up living there for one full year. Surviving the depressing winter, celebrating the solstice – Juhannus -, meeting again dozens of new people and lifelong friends and the person which I would end up to live with during three years, first in Finland and then in Switzerland. Here in Switzerland I met Eva at beginning of 2007 and we have been living unofficially together since then. Live is getting more and more enjoyable and I’m afraid I have done with Eva one of the best decisions of life. And manage to realize another dream.